5-Bullet Friday

Tim Ferriss (author of 4 Hour Work Week) writes a short bulleted blog post every Friday highlighting some of his weekly favorite reads, quotes, videos, and viral posts.  Given this space is usually heavy and dark, I thought I would lighten things up a bit by doing my own spin off of Tim's Friday ritual.

Bullets you can expect to see:

1.  What I'm reading:

I am all about a great read--hope to point some of the good ones your way.

2.  What I'm listening to:

Music makes life sweeter; so do great podcasts. I hope to point you to some good tunes or interesting listens for those daily commutes/runs/rides,etc.

3.  What made me laugh/smile this week

Laughing is good for the soul.  So is smiling.  A disclaimer: while I am all about the emotional stuff, laughing is one of my absolute favorite things to do.  I love jokes but usually am laughing so hard I can't get the punchline out.  Working on it.  Also, smiling usually=I am looking at puppies, so be prepared.

4.  What I'm eating:

My dad says the best thing I make are reservations so don't expect any fancy recipes.  But I do love food and trying new restaurants; although I am not hip at all so expect me to behind the newest spots/trends.  Case in point:

A friend recently called me to ask advice on where to go for live music and a fun atmosphere...my initial response was: Maggianos (y'all---so bad.  It was that piano that is always playing that brought it to mind.  I thought of other spots after this one but regretted that recommendation the moment I said it).  

5.  What I'm watching:

I am not a TV fan but love, love watching movies.  Hope to point you to some good ones and warn you about the not so good ones.


As always, thank you for reading.  You taking the time out of your day to journey to this space makes my heart happy.  And I am so darn grateful and appreciative for you.  

So here we go...

1.  What I'm reading:  Tribes: We need you to lead us by Seth Godin.  I am about half way through but am loving it.  Seth is a straight shooter and one of the most concise authors out there right now.  It is a great read on marketing and how to get your business to grow.  

2.  What I'm listening to:  Ed Sheeran's "What do I know?"  Don't hate on Ed-he's crazy talented.  He got the attention of queen B in their performance of Drunk in Love...so I mean if she thinks he's got talent...I'm just saying, he's good.

3.  What made me laugh/smile this week:  Meet Nubby the boxer puppy born without front legs


4.  What I'm eating:

John and I celebrated a huge milestone at Gunshow on Tuesday.  It is one of our faves and is a great special occasion spot.

5.  What I'm watching:  The Big Sick.  Real funny.  But don't confuse the title when you recommend it to friends/co-workers with Big Stick...I heard you get really strange looks and responses like: "I didn't know you were into those kind of movies..."

Happy weekend, y'all!